Instant Terra / Instant Terra Unlimited

Compare the two editions

The only difference between the two editions is the limitation on the terrain size.


Revenue under $500kRevenue under 500k€

Maximum terrain size*
* in number of vertices

8k x 8k


GPU accelerated
Animate terrains
Compose terrains of different sizes
Paint masks in the 3D view
Erosion simulations
Dynamically change the terrain size
Generate, transform and compose terrains & masks
Components & Custom nodes
Color map and color ramp support
World Browser
Colorize, Snow & Water nodes
Curve editor to generate or update terrains & masks
Custom nodes (GPU & Python scripts)
Import heightmaps, DEM files, meshes
Import RGBA files (up to 4 terrains in one file)
Export as heightmaps or meshes
Export masks, simple or tiled export
Advanced algorithms
dedicated to very large terrains
Multi-file import
Accelerated import
Automation (Python & C# API)
Live link (C++ API)
Python - Callback hooks
Support (weekdays only) Forum Forum
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