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Editions Indie & educational Small business Professional Enterprise
Conditions Revenue under $50kRevenue under 50k€
Schools / Students
Revenue under $500kRevenue under 500k€ No condition No condition
Maximum terrain size 2k x 2k 4k x 4k 8k x 8k Unlimited
Maximum graph size Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
GPU accelerated
Mix terrains of different sizes
Paint masks in the 3D view
Rain erosion
Dynamically change the terrain size
Generate terrains & masks
Transform terrains & masks
Compose terrains & masks
Preset & user-defined color ramps
Curve editor to generate or update terrains & masks
Import heightmaps, DEM files
Import RGBA files
Multi-file import
Export as heightmaps or meshes
Export masks
Support (weekdays only) Forum Forum Email (48h) Email (24h)
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Version 1.0 for Windows

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Indie edition

Conditions: Revenue under $50k

Conditions: Revenue under 50k€

Monthly subscription
Equivalent to $24.90/moEquivalent to 19.90€/mo
3-month subscription: $59.703-month subscription: 47.70€
Equivalent to $19.90/moEquivalent to 15.90€/mo
Annual subscription: $202.80Annual subscription: 166.80€
Equivalent to $16.90/moEquivalent to 13.90€/mo

Small Business

Conditions: Revenue under $500k

Conditions: Revenue under 500k€

Monthly subscription
Equivalent to $79/moEquivalent to 69€/mo
3-month subscription: $1773-month subscription: 165€
Equivalent to $59/moEquivalent to 55€/mo
Annual subscription: $588Annual subscription: 540€
Equivalent to $49/moEquivalent to 45€/mo


Monthly subscription
Equivalent to $190/moEquivalent to 160€/mo
3-month subscription: $4503-month subscription: 390€
Equivalent to $150/moEquivalent to 130€/mo
Annual subscription: $1560Annual subscription: 1320€
Equivalent to $130/moEquivalent to 110€/mo


Monthly subscription
Equivalent to $550/moEquivalent to 460€/mo
3-month subscription: $12903-month subscription: 1050€
Equivalent to $430/moEquivalent to 350€/mo
Annual subscription: $4380Annual subscription: 3600€
Equivalent to $365/moEquivalent to 300€/mo


Schools & students


All listed prices exclude VAT
Subscription terms

For one company, same location, same edition

  • 2nd & 3rd licenses: 25% discount
  • 4th & 5th licenses: 30% discount
  • 6th - 10th licenses: 40% discount
  • 11th - 20th licenses: 50% discount
  • After the 20th license: 60% discount

Schools must register with us first.
Contact us to receive your free educational licenses.

After the school is registered, students can request their free private license.

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