Ultra-fast terrain creation

Discover how to create your terrain fast & seamlessly, regardless of the size.
Unlimited size and resolution, real-time preview, and ultra-fast generation.

Wysilab presents Instant Terra, the first solution of the Wysilab software suite for the creation of digital 3D landscapes.
  • Ultra-fast & ultra-realistic 3D terrain generation
  • No size limit: supports billions of vertices
  • Seamless workflow with a full-screen, real-time preview
  • Very fast final generation: the fastest procedural terrain generation tool
  • Ready-to-use 3D terrains models
Unlimited terrain size
Full-screen & real-time preview
Wysilab is a software editor specializing in ultra-fast 3D generation tools designed for professional artists working in the digital industry:
  • Video games
  • CG
  • VFX
Because the digital industry requires fast time-to-market processes with accelerated ambitions in game play and design, artists have less time to maximize their creativity. Wysilab offers a new generation of tools based on innovative 3D graphic technologies, and opens a new era of user experience that combines a fast design time while maximizing artistic creativity.

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