Class Node

class Node

This class represents an InstantTerra node.

InstantTerra instantTerra = new InstantTerra();
Node myNode = instantTerra.GetProject().GetGraph().GetAllNodes()[0];  // Get the first node

Boolean HasParameter (String parameterName)


True if the parameter exists, otherwise False.

bool goodParameter = myNode.HasParameter("offset_x"); // true
bool badParameter = myNode.HasParameter("unknown"); // false

String[] GetParameterList ()


List of parameters name.

Returns the list of node parameters name.

string[] parameters = myNode.GetParameterList();

String GetParameterValue (String parameterName)


Value of the parameter.

Returns the value of the parameter.

string parameterValue = myNode.GetParameterValue("max_height");

Boolean SetParameterValue (String parameterName, String value)

Sets the value of the parameter.

myNode.SetParameterValue("max_height", "100.0");

Dictionary<Connector.ConnectorMode, List<Connector>> GetConnectors ()

Returns a dictionnary of connectors of the Node and if they are connected.

Dictionary<Connector.ConnectorMode, List<Connector>> connectors = myNode.GetConnectors();

String GetName ()

Returns the name of the node.

string nodeName = myNode.GetName();
void SetName (

String newName)

Change the name of the node.

myNode.SetName("new name");

String GetComment ()

Returns the comment of the node.

string nodeComment = myNode.GetComment();
void SetComment (

String newComment)

Change the comment of the node.

myNode.SetComment("new comment");

String GetNodeType ()

Returns the type of the node.

string nodeType = myNode.GetNodeType();

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