This sample presents a simple project that generates an island. It is used to test the performance of Instant Terra with terrains of different sizes.

Select Help > Samples to open your local folder where the samples are installed.

This project contains three identical graphs with different terrain resolutions:

  • The first graph generates a 2048k x 2048k terrain with a resolution of four meters.
  • The second graph generates a 4096k x 4096k terrain with a resolution of two meters.
  • The third graph generates an 8192k x 8192k terrain with a resolution of one meter.

Changing the Perlin noise parameters changes the relief of the island; changing the angle of the cone of the cone changes its size. Double-clicking on any node opens that node's parameters window where you can see the settings used in this project, and you can play around with them and see the changes in the Viewport.

  • The terrain generators are summed using the terrain composition Sum node. This node sums two terrains: at each vertex, the value of the output terrain is the sum of the values of both input terrains.
  • Again, the heights of the summed terrains are constrained using the Min & max heights node to create the island's shape.
  • Lastly, the Apply curve node changes the height of each input vertex that defines the terrain's heights.
  • The final terrain can then be exported.

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