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Title: Parameter snap [low priority] (v1.9.2)
Post by: Danilo Nishimura on March 05, 2020, 09:56:45 PM

In a GPU node, with a Value parameter input, minimum value of 0, maximum of 1, and 0 decimal places, when I drag the slider, it keeps moving to the "float" value and then snaps to the decimal place. Not a big issue, but it's something to polish.


Edit: you can observe this behaviour in the Select node
Title: Re: Parameter snap [low priority]
Post by: Alexis Vaisse on March 06, 2020, 08:44:24 AM
Hi Danilo,

Thanks a lot for this report.
We're going to fix the bug. It should be in Instant Terra v1.10 to be released next week.

BTW if you only have 2 possible values, it may be better to use a On/off parameter node: it's displayed as a check box.

You can also use a List parameter node. It's displayed as a combo box.

In Instant Terra v1.11 to be released in April this year, you'll also have the possibility to display it as a list of radio buttons or a list of images.
That will be available for components, custom Python nodes and custom GPU nodes.