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Show room / Watch our showreel
« Last post by Marianne Calva on May 15, 2020, 05:18:16 PM »
most of our users are working on undisclosed projects and won't share their projects here obviously.

Have a look to our showreels 2019 and 2020 to get some recent results:

Hey Alexis! Thanks for getting back.

That makes sense! My bad, it seems that Unity is importing Raw files with the Y-axis flipped exactly the way Instant Terra was doing it before your fix.

As always, I appreciate your support!
Hi Rodolfo,

It seems that different software use different conventions.

Here is a test we did:

We exported the same mask using png and raw formats:

Then we opened both files in Photoshop and got the exact same result:

That's why we decided to modify the import nodes and not the export nodes.
Hey Alexis! Thank you for your quick response!

In order for you to repro the issue, these conditions have to be met, yes. But have in mind this report scenario is hypothetical. I have a more complex and functional project that is crashing randomly and I spent some time on it trying to isolate the problem at this simplicity. So for instance this project sometimes crashes just creating a new node.

So I guess there are yet other conditions to be investigated, e.g., if you create these nodes from scratch and save the project with the Blend mode already set to "Min" or "Max", at first glance it won't crash. But if you open that project, it will crash right away. Or if you use a "Mask from heights" node with "Minimum height" set to "0", it won't crash. Any terrain connection with a "Perlin noise" will crash, but other noises won't. And so on.

Happy to know that I could help!
Hi Rodolfo,

Thank you very much for your detailed and precise description.

We've been able to reproduce and fix the crash. The fix will be in Instant Terra 1.11.

Just for your information, a lot of conditions had to be met in order to reproduce the crash:
- A Blend mode with "Min" or "Max" mode.
- A totally black mask (that's why you had to switch from "Automatic" to "Manual" mode for the Mask from heights node).
- Two terrains with the same size (no crash if the two terrains of the Blend mode don't have the same size).
- No tiling.
- Directly select the Blend mode after the project is open (that's why you had to save and open the project).

Thanks again you for your help.
Crash and bug reports / Re: Cellular Noise Clustering (v 1.10.5 pro)
« Last post by Alexis Vaisse on April 14, 2020, 08:41:16 AM »
Hi Danilo,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
It seems that this problem occurs only when the Custering value is equal to 1.

We've just fixed this bug. The fix will be in Instant Terra 1.11.
Hey there!

I've got a peculiar situation here. Take a look at the attached image. What could go wrong, right?

Don't ask me how I got there, but here it goes:

  • Open Instant Terra (1.10.5 Pro). It will open a new project and the standard 3 nodes graph
  • Delete all those nodes related to the new project (*)
  • Create the nodes exactly as the attached image suggests, keeping their default properties
  • In the "Mask from heights" node (highlighted in the image):
    4.1. Change "Heights" to "Manual"
    4.2. Change "Minimum height" to "50"
  • Now save the project (just to get you in the crash trigger)
  • Open it again (important)
  • And for the crash to happen, in the "Blend" node (highlighted in the image):
    7.1. Change "Blend mode" to "Max" or "Min"
(*) Is it possible to create an empty project?

I'm attaching the referred image above as well as steps 1-5 saved in a project, just in case.

Hope you find what is behind this crash faster than I was able to find what is causing it. :0)

Hey Alexis! Thanks for your reply!

I'm afraid the issue is actually on the export side. Try this: export a color map and a height map in Raw format, so notice they don't match each other vertically. Then export it again in PNG format and you have a match.

Another sign the height map is being exported with the Y-axis flipped happens in Unity. When I load a Raw file directly, it shows upside down in Unity Editor. If I flip the Y-axis manually during the loading, it matches the viewport in Instant Terra. Again, this is not needed if I export a terrain in PNG format.

What do you think? If you need any further assistance, I'll be here!
Crash and bug reports / Cellular Noise Clustering (v 1.10.5 pro)
« Last post by Danilo Nishimura on April 12, 2020, 05:44:27 AM »

When you select the Cellular Noise node, the Clustering slider (range 0.0~1.0) always shows up as 0.0 regardless of the value previously set.
Interestingly, the numeric value from the numeric field is correct.

Hi Rodolfo,

Thank you very for your feedback.

We were able to reproduce and fix the crash.
We confirm it's a problem specific to raw files and it does not occur with other types of files.

The fix will be in Instant Terra 1.11.

Thank you again for your help to build a better product.
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