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Hi Rodolfo,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

After doing some tests, it appeared that the problem is on the import side when the imported file is a raw file.

We've just modified the import of a raw file. It's now consistent with both the export of a raw file and the import of other types of file.

The modification will be in Instant Terra 1.11.

Thank you for your help to build a better product.

Feature requests / Re: Viewport splitting or detachable viewport
« Last post by Alexis Vaisse on April 10, 2020, 08:18:12 AM »

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Having several viewports is indeed a good idea.
This feature is in our backlog.
Hey there!

I've found a crash when importing terrains in Raw 32-bit format with properties set for 8-bits.

In order to reproduce the bug:

  • Open Instant Terra (1.10.5 Pro). It will open a new project and the standard 3 nodes graph
  • Create an "Import terrain" node (right click in "graph" tab, select "Create node" -> "Import" -> "Import terrain")
  • Select "Import As Raw" checkbox in Node properties
  • Open a 1024-sized terrain in Raw 32-bit format, or the provided one

When crashing, note that the importer wrongly recognizes the file as a 2048-sized terrain. The same happens if a Raw 32-bit of size 16 is imported, it will try to load it as a 32-sized terrain. That doesn't happen when importing a Raw 16-bit file.

Also, if we set the bits information properly before importing the file, Instant Terra won't crash. Placing the file information back to "8-bit" with the terrain already imported will make Instant Terra crash again.

I'm attaching a crash snapshot and a terrain of size 1024 exported in Raw 32-bit format, just in case.

Hey there!

As the title says, height maps in Raw 16-bit and 32-bit formats are being exported with the Y axis flipped.

By doing the same in PNG, the Y axis is exported correctly.

I attached some pics for you guys to reproduce the bug. Anything else you need, just tell me.

Feature requests / Viewport splitting or detachable viewport
« Last post by altostratus on April 07, 2020, 10:37:02 PM »

One idea would be to have a splittable viewport between cameras or cameras as detachable viewport tabs.

Users could be able to get (at the same time) differents points of view of the terrain.

It remains an idea, however I don't know if it's a good idea ...

I can confirm that the mentioned IF issues were fixed in the 1.10.5 Pro released today.

I'm looking forward to the Instant Terra 1.11, color maps in scripts are really awaited.

Thanks for your amazing support! :0D
We've just released Instant Terra 1.10.5 with the fix.
You can download it the usual way.
Hi Rodolfo,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

We were able to reproduce the bug.
The "=", ">=" and "<=" operators incorrectly generated a syntax error.
This is now fixed.

Indeed "index" was a reserved word. This is no longer the case.
All reserved words should be described in the documentation.

The fixes will be in Instant Terra 1.10.5. Hopefully to be released today.

And the documentation of the "IF" function was not correct. The currently supported operators are: "<=", ">=", "<", ">", "=" and "<>".
The documentation will be fixed later in a major release.

About news and announcements: all major releases are announced on our blog: You can find there the release notes for each version.
Minor releases (1.10.1, 1.10.2...) usually only contain bug fixes. Most of the time, bugs are reported in the forum and the release is announced there.

BTW we're currently improving the GPU custom node for Instant Terra 1.11. You'll be able to work on color maps, either as a separate data (an input color map and an output color map), or directly embedded in a terrain (a terrain with a color map as input and a terrain with a color map as output).
Stay tuned! :-)
Hey there!

New user here! :0) I'm loving using Instant Terra, congrats for the great work. I'll be happy if I can be of any help.

When I use a GPU script with an IF() function, it works except when using equality. It won't compile if inside condition I use the "=" symbol. So a typical switch case was simulated using:

Code: [Select]
result = IF(Index < 1; height_0; IF(Index < 2; height_1; IF(Index < 3; height_2; height_3)))
Instead of the expected code:

Code: [Select]
result = IF(Index = 0; height_0; IF(Index = 1; height_1; IF(Index = 2; height_2; height_3)))
It's worth mentioning that "index" (lower case) seems to be a reserved variable and it was not mentioned anywhere in the documentation! I spent some time to figure it out. Any provided list of reserved words would be nice.

Last thing, the functions list documentation states the ">" symbol twice for the IF function description.

P.S. I can confirm the issue happens since version 1.10.2 Pro. BTW, the thread "News & Announcements" is not updated since july. Is there any other place to check when a small update comes out or its release notes?
Crash and bug reports / Re: Crash when specifics nodes are selected(v 1.10.2)
« Last post by Alexis Vaisse on March 31, 2020, 04:13:14 PM »

Thanks a lot for the video.

Unfortunately there is little chance that the problem comes from your version of Microsoft .NET Framework.

We have no idea why the problem happens on your computer and not on other computers.

With Instant Terra 1.10.3, you should be able to work, event if it's not very convenient.
We'll try to improve the behavior of the Properties window in the next release of Instant Terra (the problem seems to come from the vertical scroll bar and we know this scroll bar sometimes doesn't behave correctly ; for instance it can be incorrectly shown or hidden).
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