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Painted mask node: a video tutorial

Our new video tutorial demonstrates how to paint masks directly in the 3D window.

This mask-generation node is linked to two generators and all three are composed using an Alpha blend node.

To use this node, we need to check Edit mask and then we can paint the mask values we want either on the Alpha blend node or on the Painted mask node.

The Painted mask acts like all other masks, but we can edit it in real time as often as we want. We can enhance a basic composition with a few brushstrokes.

Several tools are available to adjust the brush, such as Size to control its size, Intensity to set the color of the brush, or Fall-off that hardens or softens the contours of our brush.

We can switch the brush to the Darker mode to erase parts of the mask.

Watch our video tutorials and work through our video tutorials and demos to familiarise yourself with Instant Terra.
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