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Perlin noise node: a video tutorial

This video tutorial shows how the Perlin noise node works.

It is one of the generators most frequently used to create a terrain and offers a real palette of variation.

We have the Terrain size parameters, specific to generators, a Scale parameter to adjust the size of the Perlin noise, and a Height parameter that creates a more or less significant difference between the maximum height and the minimum height of the terrain.

The Number of levels controls the level of detail of the Perlin noise and Attenuation influences this level of detail by making it sharper or smoother.

To add more variation, we can translate the terrain and modify the Seed, which affects the results of the mathematical operations of the Perlin noise.

The Rotation parameter varies the terrain angle of rotation.

Watch our video tutorials and work through our video tutorials and demos to familiarise yourself with Instant Terra.
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