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"I did not receive my trial license key"
Did you check your spam folder?
Do you block Javascript? You need to allow Javascript execution to receive your trial license key.
In some rare cases, your firewall may prevent your request to reach us. Do not hesitate to contact us at and we'll send you a license key manually.

Troubleshooting on first launch:

In case the installer does nothing, check the following:
- If you have an anti-virus running, stop it and run the installer again.
- You must be the administrator of your computer. If you are not, ask an administrator to login to your computer and process the installation.
- Still not working?  Open a cmd window, go to the directory where you have put the installer and enter the following command line:
   InstantTerraInstaller.msi  /lvx log.txt
   Then, send us the log.txt file and we will work out what is wrong.

Any problem on first launch? Contact us at
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