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Hi there,  I was wondering if you can change the mesh size?

I know I can open up in a 3d modeller and decimate but I wondered if there are any options in this app or in future versions.

Alexis Vaisse

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Hi Andy,

Yes you can change the size of any terrain or any node: simply use the Change size node (in the Terrain transformation category for terrains, Mask transformation category for masks).

You can set either an absolute new size (ex: 4096 x 4096) or a relative size (ex: 200%).


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Hi Alexis, sorry I didn't explain myself very well.  I mean the complexity of the mesh.  For example I did a small simple 2k*2k terrain and it was 31 sub meshes on unity because of their limit of 65k tris per mesh. 

I did a more complex one that was well over a hundred.  So I mean terrain mesh export that has a lower tris count not the actual size of terrain. :-).

Antoine Leclere

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Hello Andy,

As you can see on my screenshots, the best way to decimate your terrain is to increase the Quad size and reduce the Width and the Height consequently.

And according to Alexis's answer, you can add a Change terrain size node at the end of your graph to decimate the whole terrain in the same way.
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