Author Topic: Trial Key: perfectly pasted, but invalid license  (Read 945 times)


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When you can't even be bothered to make sure your demo (DEMO!!!) trial key evaluator works correctly, give me ONE, just ONE reason why I should possibly care about the rest of your software or waste my time to evaluate it at all?

Marianne Calva

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** This has been answered privately **

So far, hundreds of users have been using Instant Terra's trial license. If you get trouble with yours, please send us back to the automatic email you received so we can check and investigate what's going on.
Anyway, we'll be able to send you a valid license.

We put several years of R&D into Instant Terra software, and we are sorry for the bad experience you are having with the back-office. Any people having trouble with the back-office (downloads & license management) should contact us to let us a chance to improve it if needed.

   Marianne Calva - Wysilab support