Author Topic: Export Geo Type + Auto Coversion between node connection class  (Read 117 times)


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Export Geo :

It would be nice if the terrain export node has a few features that seem to be missing at present.
1: Export to OBJ and Alembic.
2: Export Undisplaced Mesh ( essentially it sends an undeformed tesselated quad mesh without displacement)
3: Bridge for various apps?
- Maya, Modo, Houdini, Clarisse etc ( including auto setup pf the shaders with the default renderer )

Auto Conversion of nodes
example: If the user wants to plug in a color ramp to the color output node, IT can just auto insert a color ramp to color map node in between.
Similar feature conversion for other input types.

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Alexis Vaisse

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.

1. Export to OBJ and Alembic

Definitely. This is in our roadmap.

2. Export undisplaced mesh

You can do it easily with a 'Constant elevation' terrain node and an 'Export mesh' node (see screenshot).

3. Bridges

OK. We need to check what we can do.

4. Auto conversion of nodes

That's a good idea. We'll add it to our backlog.