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Create components from component instances

We have finalized the components feature in Instant Terra v1.3.5.

Components provide a powerful way to create new nodes to use in the graph to be re-used and shared among projects. They are composed of component instance nodes, or component nodes, each with their own parameters.

Create a component from selected instance nodes and add a name, a color, and description to distinguish it.

The selected nodes are replaced by a single component node that can be re-used in the project and exported.

The component appears in the list of nodes in the contextual menu, in the main menu, and in the Models window.

View the nodes in a component graph by selecting Edit component in the Edit menu. Two nodes are added automatically to the graph: a node input connector and a node output connector.

When you select a node in the component node graph, its corresponding terrain or mask appears in the 3D View. As such, you can see what is happening inside a component node.

Create parameter values and link them to a component instance node via the optional connectors.

Export and import components as .terralib files. If the components are already in the current project, the import updates the components so that they exactly match those in the .terralib file that is imported.

These .terralib files can then be copied to a folder of your choice or added to the project as global components.

Easily delete components from the Models window.

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