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Hi everyone,

I just started playing around with Instant Terra Pro and I'm curious as to why I can't seem to export a color map out of this simple graph I made. Any help would be appreciated!


Alexander Alza

Alexis Vaisse

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Hi Alexander,

I can see in your graph that the node "Apply color map" is not valid (i.e. it has a small red exclamation mark).
It's because one input connector (the dark red one) is not connected.

This node applies a color map coming from another input node to a terrain. I don't think this is what you want to do.

Instead you can use a "Apply color ramp" node followed by a "Color ramp to color map" node to generate a color map. Then you can export this color map (see attachment).

This may seem a bit complex to use 3 nodes ("Color ramp", "Apply color ramp", "Color ramp to color map") to achieve this result.
So what you can do is creating a component containing this 3 nodes (see attachment) to make your graph clearer.
You can then export this component to a .terralib file and use it in all your projects.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards,



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Thank you for the detailed help Alexis, that definitely helped! :-)