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Instant Terra v1.7 has several new component parameters to let you switch between parameter values, toggle a parameter on or off and see the effects in the Viewport, and translate, scale, and rotate the terrain.

List parameters
You can now create a list of parameter values and apply one of them at a time to a component to view their effects.

You set as many values in the list as you want. For each value, you define a name, a description, and the corresponding output value.

Switch between the different values and see the results in the Viewport. For example, a smooth component with three values sets the strength of the smooth to 1, 10, and 100, respectively:

On/off parameter

You can also create an On/off parameter and apply it to a component to simply toggle a parameter on or off.

For example, if we create a Black or White component, the On/off parameter determines if the white or black values of a mask will be exported.

- If the White parameter is unchecked, the mask value is 0 and the mask is displayed as black.
- If the White parameter is checked, the mask value is 1 and the mask is displayed as white.

Translation and rotation parameters

Five new parameters translate and scale the terrain horizontally and vertically along both the X and the Y axis, and rotate the terrain.
A manipulator appears in the terrain and the parameter are displayed in the component's Parameters window as a slider and a value.

You can add as many manipulators as you want with as many combinations of translation, scale, and rotation parameters, and toggle between them by clicking on the right mouse button.