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Danilo Nishimura

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Hello everyone.

I just wanted to create this topic to let everyone know, both people from Wysilab and people trying Instant Terra, that the Wysilab team did a wonderful job this year. I've seen software stability and performance improving at each iteration, features being added, bugs being fixed. I really appreciate how much care you're packing into your product.

When I first met Instant Terra, I felt it was a very 'promising' tool, but still lacking many features from competitors. For 2020, I'm honestly really considering shifting from our pretty-well-known industry-standard-tool-for-terrain-generation over to Instant Terra.

Not only the engeneering team is great, the support is also excellent. Special thanks to Alexis Vaisse and Marianne Calva, whom I talked most of the time. This is a very important thing: you guys hear your community. This is priceless.

Now 2020 is right around the corner, and with it a whole new year of possibilities.

Kudos to all people involved!
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Marianne Calva

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Thank you so much, reading this testimony is a very pleasant way to close 2019 and welcome 2020!

We have great ambitions for Instant Terra. I hope that you'll enjoy more and more our next versions.
Thanks again for challenging us, please continue to be demanding and we'll continue our efforts to offer you the best possible tool :-)