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Danilo Nishimura

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Hello there,

I've been experimenting with the C# API for a few days, and ended up doing something that helped me to work with the API.

Every time i wanted to find out what could be changed in each node, I had to iterate through the parameter keys, print out, read the value to find out what type of value it had, to be able to write a code that would modify the value.

To improve my workflow, I used a TextTemplate to iterate through all node types, and generate a class for each one, automatically writing all parameters and its correct type.

And now I can happily code, strongly typed, without worries.

The downside, is that everytime I update Instant Terra, I'll have to go back and generate them all again, but totally worth it.

Edit: Also, noticed that Input and Output connections are also nodes, but can't be directly created.
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Alexis Vaisse

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That's exactly what we plan to do, for both the C# and the Python API.
We didn't find time to do it yet. That will be in a future release.

Thanks for your support.