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Is there anyway to mirror an imported heightmap, other than checking the "Flip Y Axis" option in the import node? Going with that method means I need to import a heightmap twice if I want to have both the flipped and non-flipped versions.

Be much more useful to only have the heightmap imported once, and then be able to mirror it further down the node chain, but I can't seem to find anyway to accomplish this now.

Alexis Vaisse

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A "transform terrain" node with "scale Y" = -1 would do the job. Unfortunately the scale is limited to the [0.2, 5] range (and it would probably require some changes in the code to support negative scale anyway).
So currently the only way to flip a terrain is through the import nodes.

We're going to add this feature in our backlog.
Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Marianne Calva

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We forgot to confirm that the Flip nodes are available in Instant Terra since a while now, in the Terrain/Mask transformation category.