Author Topic: Mountain Erosion simulation issue (v1.9.2)  (Read 287 times)

Danilo Nishimura

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Hi there,

I was working in a 4k terrain, and after bumping it up to 8k, the Mountain Erosion begun to show a weird behavior, where it occasionally stops processing other tiles. There are no simulation nodes prior to this Mountain Erosion node, only height sums/blends, so I assume it's really a new issue.

After restarting Instant Terra, it all went back to normal, but as you can see in the captured video, the bug exists:

I couldn't reproduce the issue, but I'm sending an e-mail with the project attached to it, just in case.

Alexis Vaisse

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Hi Danilo,

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue.
We'll see if we can reproduce it on our side.