Author Topic: Crash on window size change (v1.13.2)  (Read 30 times)

Danilo Nishimura

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Hi there!

Kudos on the latest releases, there are plenty of good stuff, including the world browser, which is awesome.
But an issue has resurfaced as soon as I installed the latest version. It crashes on window resize, and this time I don't have anything open using any GPU RAM.

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Alexis Vaisse

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Hi Danilo,

It's very hard to understand what could be the cause of the problem.
Does it happen all the time?
Do you have the same problem if you select another node? If there is no selected node?
It's possible to undock the different windows of Instant Terra (Node properties, Graph, Graph explorer, Models). Can you try to undock the windows one by one and see if the problem is still there?
Do you have any specific Windows settings? Specific theme? Larger font size? Unusual screen size?...
Could you try on another computer to see if you have the same problem?