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Hi there!
I have tried some "World Studios" along a couple of months. Instant Terra was the most suitable tool that I have seen!
but it is missing an important feature that there is present on WW3.
During my research I found the youtube's video that is a tutorial to export Instant Terra maps to UE4, when the author import them into UE4 the landscape looks so flat, guessing a proper Z Scale sounds bad!
WW3 does unit's scale converts

note that WW3 hints the suitable Z Scale to use on UE4 import, it would be amazing see this feature on Instant Terra!
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Alexis Vaisse

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Thanks for the suggestion.
Actually we haven't implemented this feature because we're currently working on an Instant Terra plugin for Unreal Engine 4. :-)

There will be a Use in Unreal node to directly send your terrain to UE4.
You'll be able to work on your terrain in Instant Terra while viewing the result in UE4 in real-time!

The release date of the plugin is scheduled first half of 2021, but a beta version will be available sooner.



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Thanks for reply, this plugin looks better than Z Scale hint!
I'm looking forward to give it a try!