Author Topic: 3 bugs with Multi Blend node  (Read 694 times)

Flint Stryker

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There are 3 bugs (2 UI and 1 functional) I ran into with mutli blend. First one is rather minor, but the other two are a pain.
  • When adding more layers than will fit on screen, there is initially no scrollbar in order to scroll down and click the add button again to add more. Reselecting the multi blend node instantiates a scrollbar.
  • When selecting a multi blend node that contains more than 7 layers, the node properties panel starts to flicker for 3 - 4 seconds, and Instant Terra remains frozen until the flickering ends.
  • When a multi blend node that contains more than 7 layers is undocked, changes made in the undocked node properties are not saved. To reproduce: Add more than 7 layers to the multi blend node, then undock the panel and make a few changes to the nodes (change names, blend modes, etc). Close the panel, and the docked panel returns (after the flickering bug) and the changes made in the undocked panel are lost.

Alexis Vaisse

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Thank you very much for your feedback.
We're going to add these bugs in our backlog.