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Flint Stryker

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I saw that this was being worked on in version 1.3. Has anyone seen any previews of this feature? I've been doing multi-scale erosion manually to create some very natural-looking landscapes, but the process can be difficult to master because of the quirks of erosion behavior at extreme scales. Try Hydraulic Erosion with a quad size of 0.2 to see what I mean. You get some dramatic effects, but also artifacts like sediment slabs and terrain holes.

Alexis Vaisse

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We released two components related to erosion:
  - Multi Erosions
  - Multi Erosions (As 1K)
You can download them here:

These components use various techniques, including erosions at different scales.

The default values of the erosion nodes work best when the quad size is 1.
Indeed it can be difficult to get good results when the quad size is too small or too large.
In that case, you can use a "Change terrain size" node before and after the erosion node to only change the quad size without changing the number of vertices of the terrain.