Author Topic: Changes to edited global components are lost when reopening file  (Read 731 times)

Flint Stryker

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Hi, I ran into a problem today where I edited a global component and saved my file and then closed Instant Terra. When I opened my file again, I was notified that the edited component was updated, and in fact all my edits were reverted back to the original global component.

I'd prefer to be given the option to update the global component when saving my file, or to convert the edited component to a new component when the file is saved.


Alexis Vaisse

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Thank you very much for the feedback.

Your suggestion has been added to the Instant Terra backlog.

There is currently no direct command to duplicate a component.
To duplicate a component, the best way for the moment is to create a new component and copy & paste all nodes of the graph of the initial component to the graph of the new component.