Author Topic: Avoid intense flashing on gizmo manipulation  (Read 775 times)


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On my 8k terrain certain operations take 0.1 .. 2 seconds to finish, so I see the throbber icon on a black background before the terrain is updated. With one off stuff it's fine. However when it flashes 20 times a second as I'm moving something with the gizmo it is super annoying and potentially seizure inducing.

I can see a few ways to mitigate this:
- Drop the resolution of the terrain mesh to keep interactive speeds.
- Update per tile like the water erosion node, starting around the gizmo.
- Don't clear the screen to show the throbber just display the updated terrain when its ready.

Perhaps a "limit region" feature would be an even more generic solution for cases where a small area is enough to do rapid changes before pushing stuff for the entire terrain.

Alexis Vaisse

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.
We're going to improve the way the wait animation is displayed, especially to avoid the case where the terrain is displayed only for a fraction of a second.
If we have enough time, it will be in Instant Terra 2.4, to be released next week.

If you work on large terrains with complex graphs, you may consider using Instant Terra Pro which has dedicated algorithms for large terrains. In some cases, the frame rate may be up to 4 times better on a 8K terrain.