Author Topic: Tiled build and super large terrains  (Read 954 times)


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Helo , I have the need to create terrain for a whole planet , in continental scale, this program can be of any help to me? Does it allows me to have erosion on continental scale? to perform works of tectonics and mountain chains ? Or not ? does it allow to make maps as large as 81000 pxls ?

Alexis Vaisse

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Do you mean 81000 x 81000 pixels? You can create a terrain with this size in Instant Terra Pro, but it will require a huge amount of memory (more than 20 GB for each node).
Erosion nodes do modify the terrain, but probably not at continental scale, and works of tectonics are not simulated.
One possibility is to split your terrain into small parts, and create one project per part. Then you have a final project that blends all parts together.