Author Topic: Road data from satellite import -- how to ?  (Read 1084 times)


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Hi there, is there a way to import road data from the world browser inside of instant terra? for example, I'm creating a driving sim, and I've already selected the area I want to use. So, is there an import function or node that can be used to impose the road data on the imported heightmap so that when imported into unreal engine the base for roads is already done ?


the area I've selected is a island, not a portion of it but the whole thing, that's what I'm trying to bring into UE 5

I'm new to using Instant terra, :) Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Alexis Vaisse

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The World Browser downloads the heightmap and the satellite image.
There is no specific data associated to roads.

If the roads are visible on the satellite image, you can use a Painted mask node and a Road or a Colored road node to add roads to the terrain.
Then you can export the road mask you've just painted to Unreal Engine.