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Marianne Calva

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We share with Instant Terra's community this question received by mail about how to make rivers:

I know this is going to be a difficult task. but it will make Instant Terra really usefull to me and probably many others.

Personally I'd like to see a way you can make rivers spring from any point you choose. and It would carve a way with natural erosion. So that in any engine I export it to I could set a water spring and it will naturally flow down a path like a river would. making my life as a Minecraft terraformer so much easier.

I would love to see this!
Thanks already for making this program free to use right now its lovely, Can't wait till erosion is available!
Sincerely, A Beta tester.

Alexis Vaisse

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Thanks a lot for your interest in Instant Terra.
We plan to implement a feature that may fulfill your needs: the ability to paint a mask and use this mask to specify the areas where you want the rain to fall down for the erosion simulation.

That way if you want a single water spring, you put a single point on the mask and the terrain will be eroded using only the water coming from this point.
If you want several water sources or areas with rain and areas with less rain or no rain, you just paint the mask as you want.
This feature won’t be available in version 0.6 in November, it will come in a future version.

Edit 2018 : painted mask is available since early 2018
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