Author Topic: Ability to blend color maps and apply them  (Read 2535 times)


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As for now there's no way to make a texture from mask and blend it to the surface texture.

Even if you make a textured terrain it will lose its color after blending with the other terrain.

This feature is a must to make this software useful for production.

Alexis Vaisse

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You're right, Instant Terra doesn't support color maps for the moment.
But it's in our short term roadmap (i.e. the development has already been started): you'll have the possibility to import a color ramp, or create one from a color ramp or from a mask. Then you apply this color map to a terrain and the color map will follow the transformation applied to the terrain (translation, rotation, scale, blend with another terrain, etc.).

Edit 2019: Color maps and blend of color maps are now supported.
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