What are your mid-term expectations for Instant Terra? You must be logged in to vote.

Generation of streams and rivers
Generation of roads
Materials handling
Ready-to-use terrain models

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Marianne Calva

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Our mid-term roadmap is full of ideas for new features and improvements. Your feedback is essential to help us set the right priorities.
All of these features will benefit from the same ultra-fast technology.

- Generation of streams and rivers: Position streams and rivers according to the relief.

- Generation of roads: Position roads according to the relief.

- Scattering: Add vegetation, trees, rocks, or other assets randomly to your terrain.

- Materials handling: Set up your terrains with materials directly in Instant Terra.

- Ready-to-use terrain models: Preset terrains for which only a limited numbers of parameters are editable. Your final terrain will be generated ultra fast.

Is something important missing? Please post in the "Feature requests" category.