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Version 1.6 for Windows - One-month free trial

Instant Terra

Ultra-fast editing: Change a parameter and immediately see the result. No preview window is required as the result is seen directly in the 3D view in the final resolution.

Ultra-fast generation: Instant Terra generates a terrain ready to use in your production very quickly.

Your computer no longer determines the maximum size of your terrain: your terrain can contain billions of quads. Instant Terra handles it while maintaining a seemless workflow.
Automate realism: simulate the natural effects of time, such as rain erosion. Your terrain looks realistic because it has aged according to the natural laws of geophysics.
Export terrains as heightmaps or meshes (FBX, OBJ, Alembic) and your masks to work in your usual DCC: Unreal® engine, Unity®, 3dsMax®, Maya®, Clarisse®, Houdini®...
8, 16, and 32 bits are supported, including tiff, png, tga, bmp, raw, and OpenExr.

About Us

Who we are

In recent years in the gaming industry, game play and design have exceeded expectations. The space in which games are held has greatly expanded and we now speak of terrains that are hundreds or even thousands of square kilometers.

The tools available to artists do not allow them to take their creativity to the limits. Most existing tools are limited, slow, and complex.

With this in mind, we embarked on an adventure to provide a new user experience with a terrain-generation tool based on innovative technologies. We created Instant Terra to meet these new challenges.

Alexis Vaisse - CEO

Previously at Ubisoft, Alexis has 20 years experience in software development for digital creation in the field of video games. He is both Expert Programmer and Project Manager.

Alexis has had the opportunity to present his work to the international community at the Game Developers Conference Europe 2014 and the Game Developers Conference 2015.

Marianne Calva - Co-founder

After more than 15 years working in software companies, Marianne spent the last 10 years at Ubisoft.

As Associate Producer, she was in charge of project organization and tracking, technical documentation, and communication within projects.

Instant Terra Composition of terrains

Procedural terrain creation

Procedural tools bring power to digital tools. In terrain creation, a procedural tool ensures a non-destructive process, whatever the size or complexity of your terrain.

Node-based tool

Instant Terra is a node-base tool where you link nodes to make graphs. At any time, you can change any parameter of any node. The graphs are recomputed in real-time and you can see the result of your changes immediatly.

Maximum control

In Instant Terra, masks define where and how the global actions are applied. You can use masks to protect some areas from global actions, or use them as per-vertex coefficients to be taken into account by the calculations.

Final resolution

With Instant Terra, you work directly in the final resolution. Whatever the size of your terrain, Instant Terra always shows you the final terrain with all its details.

Version 1.6 for Windows - One-month free trial

Our Features

How we do it

Compose terrains

Use terrains of different sizes together and use a mask to drive the composition.

Paint masks

Paint masks directly in the 3D view and immediately see the results on the final terrain.

Change the terrain size

Add a node anywhere in your graph to change the size or resolution of a terrain or a mask.


Create realistic terrains with the erosion simulation. Play with hydraulic erosion, rock erosion, or mountain erosion and achieve different results.

Very large terrains*

Instant Terra is designed to handled large terrains. A 32k x 32k terrain? A 64k x 64k terrain? No problem!
* Size limit depends on the version

ultra-fast import*

Import GBs of input data in a few seconds only.
If your input data are split into several files, import them at the same time to build a terrain.
* Instant Terra Pro edition only


Indicative roadmap. The priorities are subject to changes based on your feedback and needs.

July 2019

Instant Terra V1.6 - Available now!

Color Maps: unlimited size supported

Property window

API C# available

Fast-creation menu to add a node

S2 2019

August to December 2019
Several versions with the following features

API C/C++ live link

Terrain & mask distortion nodes

Spline editor

Full composition with tiling

Painted mask: more brushes, & brushes from mask

Perfect for any kind of 3D terrain

Integrate Instant Terra into your pipeline production.

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