Version 2.2.2 for Windows - One-month free trial
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Instant Terra v2

Animations generated with Instant Terra v2

Instant Terra

Ultra-fast edition: Change any parameter and see the result in real time directly in Instant Terra in the final resolution.

Ultra-fast generation: Create a terrain ultra fast and export it in several formats to use in your production.

Your computer no longer determines the maximum size of your terrain! Instant Terra handles terrains of billions of quads while maintaining a seamless workflow.
One project, one result. Your exported data will always be exactly the same.

Export terrains as heightmaps, meshes (FBX, OBJ, Alembic), color/flow maps/normal maps, and masks to work in your usual engine and tools: Unreal® engine, Unity®, 3dsMax®, Maya®, Clarisse®, Houdini® etc.
8, 16, and 32 bits are supported, including tiff, png, tga, bmp, raw, and OpenExr. More about exports...

Epic MegaGrants

Unreal Engine plugin coming soon. Stay tuned!

More about Unreal Engine plugin...

Instant Terra

Use and combine the different algorithms: Hydraulic erosion, rock erosion, mountain erosion, sedimental erosion, flow simulation, multi-scale erosion.

User control: Use masks to control where and how the simulation runs and achieve unique effects on different parts of your terrain.

The hydraulic erosion’s advanced algorithm generates erosion that doesn’t follow the world axes, which is often the case, providing results with more realism and diversity.

More about erosion...

About Us

Who we are

Armed with solid careers in the gaming industry, we embarked on an adventure to provide artists with an ultra-fast terrain-generation tool created using innovative technologies.

Game play and design now exceed expectations and the space in which games are held span hundreds or even thousands of square kilometers. The tools available to artists do not allow them to take their creativity to the limits; most existing tools are limited, slow, and complex.

With this in mind, we created Instant Terra to meet these challenges. Our tool is ultra-fast and the results are visible in real time & in full resolution, regardless of the terrain size.

Developed through the creativity and innovation of a team of terrain-generation experts, we publish new features and releases regularly based on our roadmap and user feedback.

Alexis Vaisse - CEO

Alexis thrives on performance and challenges, and Wysilab gives him scope to innovate in close coordination with his development team.

He co-founded Wysilab backed with a strong career of over 20 years as an expert programmer and project manager, mainly at Ubisoft, in software development for digital creation in the video-game industry.

Alexis has presented his work and research on several occasions to the international community, including at the Game Developers Conference US and Europe.

Marianne Calva - Co-founder

After a career of over 15 years in software companies and 10 more years at Ubisoft as an associate producer, Marianne co-founded Wysilab to lend her experience to innovation.

She manages project organization and tracking, technical documentation, web and community development, and within-project communication.

Instant Terra Composition of terrains

Showreel 2020

the latest terrains created with Instant Terra

Procedural terrain creation

Procedural tools bring power to digital tools: Instant Terra ensures a non-destructive, process, whatever the size or complexity of your terrain.

Standalone, node-based tool

Instant Terra links nodes to create graphs. Changing any parameter of a node at any time recomputes the graphs and the results are displayed immediately.

Maximum control in real time

Use masks to protect some areas from global actions, or use them as per-vertex coefficients to be considered by the calculations.

Final resolution

Work directly in the final resolution, whatever the size of your terrain, and see final terrain in real time with all its details.

Version 2.2.2 for Windows - One-month free trial

Our Features

How we do it

Compose terrains

Mix terrains of different sizes and use a mask to drive the composition.

Paint masks

Paint masks directly in the 3D view and immediately see the results in real time in the final terrain.

Change the terrain size

At any step of your project, change the size or resolution of a terrain or a mask dynamically.

Simulate erosion

Create realism with rock, hydraulic, and mountain erosion simulation. Drive parameters with masks to create effects.

Very large terrains*

A 32k x 32k terrain? A 64k x 64k terrain? No problem! Instant Terra is designed to handled large terrains.

Ultra-fast import**

Import GBs of input data in a few seconds only.
Import several data files simultaneously to build a terrain.

Create and share your own nodes

Create components from graph nodes to reuse in your project, share between projects, or export to other projects.

Automation, live link, and callbacks **

Python & C# API for automation, C++ API for a live link with your tools, Python callbacks for integration with your Version Control System.

*Size limit depends on the version

**Instant Terra Pro edition only


Indicative roadmap. The priorities are subject to changes based on your feedback and needs.

May 2021

V2.2 - Now available!

World browser: Satellite images

Brightness & Contrast, Gamma correction nodes

.asc files supported


Several versions with the following features and more

Unreal Engine plugin

Spline editor

Painted mask: Trim planar brush

Material support

Vegetation scattering

Perfect for video games, movies, simulation, CGI, & VFX

Integrate Instant Terra into your production pipeline

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Instant Terra v2.2

Instant Terra v2.2 now available!

World browser: Get stunning terrains from satellite images

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Instant Terra v2.1

Instant Terra v2.1 now available!

Additional data sources, Blur & Warp nodes, and more!

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Epic MagaGrants recipient!

We are working on a plugin for Unreal Engine.
Stay tuned!

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