Class InstantTerra


You have to include the header InstantTerra.h.

class InstantTerra

The main class of the API.


Error In any of these commands, if the communication is off, the following error code will be thrown ErrorCode::CommunicationError.

// Create an instant of Instant Terra
InstantTerra instantTerra = CreateInstantTerra();

void InstantTerra::Start()

Starts a new instance of Instant Terra


void InstantTerra::Close()

Closes Instant Terra instance


Error If Instant Terra is not started, an Error will be reported with the code ErrorCode::InstantTerraNotStarted.


bool InstantTerra::IsRunning()

Returns true if an Instant Terra instance is currently running

bool isRunning = instantTerra.IsRunning();

Project InstantTerra::OpenProject(const wchar_t *projectName)

Opens a .terrain project


Error If the file is not found, an Error will be reported with the code ErrorCode::UnableToOpenFile.

// Open the file "MyProject.terrain"
Project project = instantTerra.OpenProject(L"MyProject.terrain");

Project InstantTerra::NewProject()

Create a new default project

// New default project
Project project = instantTerra.NewProject();

Project InstantTerra::GetProject()

Returns the current project

// Current project
Project project = instantTerra.GetProject();

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