Adding a key

To add a key, either:

In both cases, the new key is created and a window opens where you can enter its value.

The initial value displayed in the window corresponds to the value of the parameter at the location where the key is created. A new key is created at the chosen location:

Deleting a key

To delete a key, either

When a key is selected, it appears with a different color.

Press the Delete key to delete the key.

A track must have at least two keys. If a track contains exactly two keys, then it is not possible to delete a key. The Delete key menu entry will not be available, and the Delete key will have no effect.

Also, all tracks must have a key at the start of the animation, i.e. at time zero. It is not possible to delete this key.

Moving a key

To move a key, click on it with the left mouse button, and move the mouse cursor to the left or to the right while holding the button down.

Moving a key with snapping

When you hold down the Shift key while moving a key, Instant Terra automatically moves the key from graduation to graduation. The graduations are spaced a tenth of a second, a second or ten seconds apart, depending on the zoom level.

Moving a key without pressing Shift moves the key pixel by pixel.

Moving a key by pressing the Shift key: the key moves from graduation to graduation.

When you keep the Shift pressed while moving a key that is at a time close to that of another key, Instant Terra automatically moves the key to the same position as this other key.

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