Adding file name parameters

This node adds a File name parameter to a component.

To create a file name parameter:

  • Open the component graph and select Create node > Components > File name parameter in the contextual menu.

A new node is created.

  • Double click on the File name parameter node to open its parameters.

Editing file name parameters

  • Name: Enter the name of the file name parameter node
  • Description: Add a description to the file name parameter node.
  • File type: Select a file type radio button from Terrain image file, Mask image file, or Color map image file.

The following image formats are supported:

Format Terrain image file Mask image file Color map image file
Windows or OS/2 Bitmap file .bmp .bmp .bmp
Graphics Interchange Format .gif .gif .gif
Independent JPEG Group .jpg, .jpeg .jpg, .jpeg .jpg, .jpeg
Portable Network Graphics .png .png .png
Windows Icon .ico .ico .ico
Tagged Image File Format .tif, .tiff .tif, .tiff .tif, .tiff
Truevision Targa File .tga .tga .tga
Adobe Photoshop .psd .psd .psd
Portable Graymap .pgm .pgm .pgm
Portable Floatmap .pfm .pfm .pfm
ILM openEXR .exr .exr .exr
Heightfield .hf2, .hfz    
Game replay file .dem    
  • Custom extensions: When selected, the File extensions to allow becomes modifiable and you can enter one or more extensions, separated by semicolons, for example "*.fbx; *.obj".
  • Default file name: This is the name when creating a new instance of the component (and also the name when the parameter is disabled). The Default file name is empty by default.

The component parameters contains the file name parameter. Click on the folder icon to select a file.

The file name optional connector appears in the component node.

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