Adding an On/off parameter

You can create an On/off parameter node and apply it to a component. This node simply toggles a parameter on or off.

To create a component parameter, open the component graph and select Create node > Components > On/off parameter in the contextual menu. A new node is created.

Double click on the On/off parameter node to open its parameters.


Editing an on/off parameter

To edit an on/off parameter:

  • Name the on/off parameter.
  • Enter a Description.
  • Set the Default value to On or Off by checking the radio buttons. The node's output has a value of 0 if the parameter is off or 1 if it is on.

The parameter appears in the component parameters:


In the following example, the Black or White component determines if the white or black values of a mask will be exported.

  • If the White parameter is unchecked, the mask value is 0 and the mask is displayed as black.
  • If the White parameter is checked, the mask value is 1 and the mask is displayed as white.


Parameter Use
Name Component name
Description Component description
Default value Sets the default value to apply to a component

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