Crash at launch

If Instant Terra crashes the first time you run it, it may be because the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 package has not been installed.

Download and install this package from the following address:
Once the package is installed, Instant Terra should work normally.

The Instant Terra installer will be modified in a future version to install this package automatically.

Temporary memory issue

The hydraulic erosion compute node requires more memory than other nodes. If it is used on large terrain when there is not enough available memory, it is possible in some cases that the erosion calculation gives incorrect results on some parts of the terrain.

If the available memory is significantly less than the required memory, the calculation may not be complete.

This is a known bug and will be corrected in the next version of Instant Terra.

Smooth node

The smooth operator produces geometric artifacts at exactly a distance "x" from the border where "x" corresponds to the size of the smooth filter. It corresponds to a slight change of the derivative of the resulting smoothed terrain that is usually imperceptible except when extracting masks and especially using the curvature node.

A possible workaround is to generate larger terrains and crop the result.

Another possibility is to combine the curvature mask with a Painted Mask to discard the values near the border (see the Curvature terrain example for details).

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