Adding a Directional warp node

The Directional warp node transforms a terrain by another terrain that determines the displacement at each vertex.

To add a Directional warp node, right-click in the Graph Editor and select Create Node  > Terrain Transformation  > Directional warp, or use the keyboard shortcut NTDW for Node Terrain Directional Warp.

Select the node to open its parameters:

Editing a Directional warp node

Use the sliders or the manipulators to adjust the Directional warp values.

If the input terrain has a color map, then this color map is modified at the same time as the terrain.

  • Intensity: Defines the force or intensity of the displacement.
  • Angle: Defines the direction of the deformation:
    • When the angle is equal to 0°, the terrain is warped horizontally.
    • When the angle is equal to 90°, the terrain is warped vertically.
    • When the angle is equal to 45°, the terrain is warped in the direction of a SW-NE diagonal.

Positive altitudes lead to a displacement toward the right when the angle is equal to 0. A negative altitude leads to a movement in the opposite direction, for example to the left when the angle is equal to 0. 


Parameter Use
Intensity Adjusts the intensity of the warp.
Angle Defines the direction of the warp.

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