Add roads to a terrain

The new Road node is used to lay roads on the terrain: the relief is deformed to adapt to the position of the roads and ensure a horizontal section along the entire length of the road.

The Road node exists in two versions. Both apply the same deformation to the terrain.

  • The Road node, deforming the terrain at the position of the roads.
  • The Colored road node positions and colors the roads on the terrain.

Build your road network

Roads are built from any input mask, including painted masks.

Two new mask generators are used to create a network:

  • The Line node generates a mask in the shape of a line.
  • The Arc node generates a mask in the shape of an arc of a circle.

Combine them to design a full network.

Chain lines and arcs

You can easily chain lines and arcs so that when you move a part of the network, you also move any dependent part.

This is demonstrated in the new sample: Use case - Road, which uses components from our library.

The project is available from the Help > Samples menu.

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