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What's the most critical bottleneck for performance with Instant Terra? GPU, RAM, VRAM?

Really liking the program, but on some of my larger node networks (specifically ones that have a lot of large imported height field files), I've found performance can be exceptionally slow.

I figure it's probably a RAM issue, though since the program is GPU based I don't know if that could be the bigger culprit.

Alexis Vaisse

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If you import a lot of height field files, this may be the bottleneck.

We are currently working on a cache system to speed up import: the first loading time will stay the same, but when you open your Instant Terra project again, if the imported files haven't changed, then the import will become much faster, at least one order of magnitude faster, maybe two.

The cache system is officially planned for v1.3 to be released in November, but it will probably be available sooner, as least as a beta feature.

But the bottleneck may also be somewhere else. It's difficult to say what it can be, as this really depends on your graph.
If you can send an example of .terrain file to, we will analyze the performance. If you import personal files, you don't need to send them: just tell us the width, the height and the format of each of them and we will use fake data.


Edit 2018: the cache system for an accelerated import is available since V1.3, December 2018 in the Instant Terra Pro edition.
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