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Import terrain from several files node: a video tutorial

Our next video tutorial explains how to import a terrain from several files.

The Import terrain from several files node is similar to the Import terrains from RGBA file node that we saw in the last video, but works in the opposite way in that it composes several input bitmap files to make a single terrain.

To import them into Instant Terra, copy and paste the path of the files in the parameters dialog, specify the file names, and replace the X axis by $x and the Y axis by $y.

The naming convention is important because the node looks for all the files with the same name and aligns them on a grid where the first number is the X axis and the second one is the Y axis.

The files are imported to form one terrain and each one is in the correct position.

Watch our video tutorials and work through our video tutorials and demos to familiarise yourself with Instant Terra.
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