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Min & max heights: a video tutorial

In this video, we show you how the Min & max heights node works.

This node transforms a terrain. We link it to a Perlin noise node and we see that the height changes from approximately 60 m to 1000 m.

In the Scale mode, the height of all the terrain vertices is scaled according to the new minimum and maximum heights. The advantage of this node is that in the Scale mode, you can change all the minimum and maximum height values on your terrain without going back through the previous nodes.

This node also has a second mode, the Clamp mode, which constrains all vertices that exceed a certain value to the same value. The vertices with a height lower than the minimum height are raised to the minimum height. The vertices with a height higher than the maximum height are lowered to the maximum height. This is very practical when visualizing emerged terrains or when creating high plateaus, for example.

Watch our video tutorials and work through our video tutorials and demos to familiarise yourself with Instant Terra.
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