Components provide a powerful way to create new nodes to use in the graph. Each component is a model that is composed of nodes with their own parameters. Create components from nodes in the graph to reuse in your project or export them to other projects!

TransferDetails components

transfer components

TransferDetails is a family of four components that allows the user to transfer small-scale details from a terrain or a mask to another one. Both terrain and mask versions have a localized variant using an additional mask to limit the effect to parts of the input. The user can choose the size of the details to extract and if those details must be added or subtracted in the target terrain.

SplitView component

transfer components

The Splitview library contains one component. Use it to compare two terrains using a virtual line that reveals or hides either of the two inputs. It embeds a utility component called SplitMask that generates a black and white mask on either side of a line.

DisplayHelper components

transfer components

DisplayHelper contains two simple, yet effective components that allow the user to convert a mask into a colormap. Another node, Apply Mask, lets the user display masks directly in a terrain, in a single, simple node. In general, information such as slopes, curvatures, or flowmaps are better visualized in the terrain.

Utility components

transfer components

Utility is a bundle of several components that enrich the user's Instant Terra experience. The following components are included:

  • Blend and Blend With Mask, used to mix two terrains or masks
  • Select, used to output the first or the second terrain or mask (acts as a switch)
  • Invert terrain, used to invert the heights
  • Gaussian smooth approximations to achieve smoother terrains or masks
  • Mask from border, used to output a square mask that can be useful to exclude the border of the grid
  • Constant mask & Alpha-blend for mask

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