Adding list parameters

You can create a list of parameter values and apply one of them at a time to a component to view their effects.

To create list parameters, open the component graph and select Create node > Components > List parameter in the contextual menu. A new node is created.

Double click on the List parameter node to open its parameters.

Editing list parameters

To edit the list of parameter values:

  • Name the list parameter.
  • Enter a Description.
  • Set the Values. You can define as many values in the list as you want by clicking on the Add value button. For each value, define a name and the corresponding output value.

The parameters appear in a combo box in the component parameters:


For example, a smooth component with three values sets the strength of the smooth to 1, 10, and 100, respectively:

The three values give the following results:


Parameter Use
Name List parameter name
Description List parameter description
Values Creates list parameter values to apply to a component

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