This sample demonstrates the use of the hydraulic erosion simulation to create a realistic terrain, and carve and tweak a river.

See also Hydraulic erosion.

  • The first step imports a terrain of 1024 x 1024 K and 16 quads terrain from a file.
  • The coarse layout of the terrain is created through a series of mask and terrain transformation nodes, a mask generation node and a terrain generation node, and the results are summed.
  • The terrain quad size is decreased from 16 quads to 1 quads in the Change terrain size node. The simulation now acts as if the terrain is 1 km by 1 km.
  • The next step refines the terrain's erosion. It applies erosion (i.e. subtracts the heights) proportionally to the area drained, which is the flow map.
  • The rivers are carved and smoothed by a series of simulation, and terrain and mask generation and transformation nodes.
  • Compare the original and the output terrains in the final two nodes.


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