Panning in the Graph editor

The default camera is the Instant Terra camera, but you can select one of the three different key and mouse combinations - Default, Maya-style, and 3ds Max-style - cameras to pan in the Graph editor (see the Camera menu for more details on how to toggle between the different cameras).

To pan in the Graph editor:

  • Default camera: Click in a place where there is no node, hold down the mouse button, and move the mouse.
  • Maya-style camera: Press and hold down the Alt key and the middle mouse button simultaneously, and move the mouse.
  • 3ds Max-style camera: Click and hold middle mouse button and move the mouse.

Zooming in the Graph editor

  • To zoom in, scroll the mouse wheel down.
  • To zoom out, scroll the mouse wheel up.

To zoom faster, press and hold the Ctrl key while scrolling. To zoom slower, press and hold the Shift key while scrolling.

  • To center the view to see the entire graph, select View > Zoom extents graph in the menu or press Shift+Z.

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