Keyboard shortcut Corresponding actions
Ctrl+N Create a new project
Ctrl+O Open an existing project
Ctrl+S Save the current project
Ctrl+F4 Close the current project
Alt+F4 Close the application

Graph editor

Keyboard shortcut Corresponding actions
D Disable a node or a group of nodes
F2 Rename a node
Ctrl+G Create a group
Ctrl+Z Undo the last action performed
Ctrl+Y Redo the last undone action
Ctrl+C Copy the selected node(s)
Ctrl+V Paste the previously copied node(s)
Del Delete the selected node(s)
Shift+Z View the entire graph
Shift+left mouse button Multiple mode selection in the default mode
Ctrl+mouse scroll Zoom faster
Shift+mouse scroll Zoom slower

3D View

Keyboard shortcut Corresponding actions
W Toggle between the solid display and the wireframe display
M Display terrain as a heightmap
Z or F Display the entire terrain or mask in the 3D View
Spacebar Lock or unlock the display


Keyboard shortcut Corresponding actions
Ctrl+R Save the camera
Ctrl+Tab Go to the next camera
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Go to the previous camera

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