Adding a Houdini parameter node

This node is used to expose a parameter that will be available for editing in Houdini.

To add an Houdini parameter node, right-click in the Graph Editor and select Create Node > Calculation > Houdini parameter or use the keyboard shortcut NHP (Node Houdini Parameter).

Select the node to open its parameters.

Editing a Houdini parameter node

Edit the following parameters:

Tip: To create a Houdini parameter node, open the contextual menu on the parameter of a node that you want to expose in Houdini and to choose Edit in Houdini:

The Houdini parameter node is then created automatically. It is linked  to the connector associated with the parameter to be exposed:

The name, minimum and maximum values, the current value and the default value are initialized from the properties of the exposed parameter:

The Edit in Houdini menu entry is only available if a Terrain to Houdini node is in the graph.

Full documentation can be found here: Bridge to Houdini documentation.

See also: Import terrain from Houdini node, Export terrain to Houdini node, Houdini on/off parameter node, and Houdini list parameter node.


Parameter Use
Name Name of the parameter to display in Houdini.
Minimum Minimum value of the parameter.
Maximum Maximum value of the parameter.
Decimal places Number of digits after the decimal point to display.
Default value Default value of the parameter in Houdini.
Value Current value of the parameter. This value is used to test the effect of the node in the graph. It is not used in Houdini.

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