Creating and sharing your own nodes

Components and custom nodes are two great ways to write your own nodes, to reuse them in your project and to share them with other projects, other users.


Components are created from a group of nodes. For example you have a group of nodes that you need to re-use, such as a generator with its specific settings, followed by an Apply curve and a Rock erosion. Make a component from them and name it. Now you have a new node available, internally made from this group of nodes. You can use it in your project such as any other node, and you can export it to share it among projects.

Using components is a great way to make your graph looks simple and easier to read.

Some useful, ready-to-use components to use directly in your projects are available to download from our website.

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Custom nodes

Custom nodes are nodes running your own scripts. External scripts can be called.

You can write GPU scripts, which will benefit of Instant Terra's ultra fast calculations.

You can write Python scripts, which speed will not depend on Instant Terra. A progress bar can be displayed to check the completion.

Same as components, custom nodes can be re-used in your project and exported to be shared among other projects.

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